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The Perks Employees Crave
Most in 2023

How to Implement a Meal Benefit Program that Delivers Measurable Impact

Benefits are a leading consideration for candidates and a top reason why talent remains loyal. That is. if the benefits feel relevant. A recent stud by Wakefield research showed that meal benefits during the workday are the favorite perk among professionals, ahead of transportation. gym, education, and childcare reimbursement.

In fact, 6 % of professionals would leave their current lob it a comparable one was available at a company that offered meal benefits. Mental and physical wellness is a top priority for today's workers. and food plays a huge role. But. with hybrid workplace now the norm and so much unpredictability around headcount and budget. how can you administer a flexible meal benefit in a scalable way? What are the right metrics of success? How can you get your CFO on board?

Watch our recorded webinar to hear from a powerhouse panel - Amy Garefis, Chief Accounting Officer & Chief People Officer at ZipRecruiter, Anitha Dhanwada, Managing Director of Global Total Rewards at Greystar, and Sharebite co-founder and CEO, Dilip Rao. They'll explore:

  • How meal benefits can impact employee wellness. culture. and productivity
  • Wavs to measure the ROl of benefits
  • How meals can help employees form friendships at work and why your CFO should care


Dilip Rao

CEO and Co-Founder of Sharebite


Amy Garefis

Chief Accounting Officer & Chief People Officer at ZipRecruiter


Anitha Dhanwada

Managing Director, Global Total Rewards at Greystar

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