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Two great solutions, even better together

The Sharebite & TeamWerc partnership creates a seamless experience for companies that are looking to offer food benefits to their employees. Through our 1:1 donation match to alleviate food insecurity, employees can enjoy delicious meals from their favorite restaurants while contributing to combat local hunger at no cost. Want to learn more about how Sharebite can make automating your food benefits program for all of your in-office and or remote employees a breeze? Simply fill out the form and we will get in touch!

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Rest assured, your information will be kept in the strictest confidence and will only be used to provide information about Sharebite.

Why Sharebite



Almost Unlimited Options

Order from any restaurant or eatery that accepts online ordering or contactless payments.


Flexibility and Customization

Customize meal allowances and ordering times by department, cost center, location, or other criteria.


Community impact

For every meal purchased, we donate one to someone in need. To date we’ve donated over 8 million meals.