Sharebite Stations: Office Lunch Program for Vornado Buildings

Provide your employees with a daily rotation of the most popular lunch options brought directly to the office.

Exclusive Offers for Vornado Tenants
Premium and local restaurant options
Flexibility and customization
Community Impact

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How it Works

Employees order exactly what they want from the restaurants they love.
Customize allowances, days, ordering times, and location eligibility.
Get employees onboarded fast and enjoy 24/7, award-winning customer support.
Employees' personal credit cards are seamlessly linked to cover overages.
Every order results in a meal donation to alleviate food insecurity in your local community.

Some of the Top Restaurants Include

(and hundreds of additional popular options)

What is Sharebite Stations?

Sharebite Stations is Sharebite's premium lunchtime group ordering service. Employees are provided with a daily rotation of curated restaurant options to order from. Those who place an order using Sharebite Stations will have their lunch individually bagged and labeled, and available for pick up at lunchtime at their office's on-site Sharebite Station location.
Premium Restaurant Options
Convenient Lunchtime Ordering
Individually Bagged and Labeled
Batched Deliveries to the Office

Why Sharebite

Best restaurant variety

Order from the most popular restaurants daily with no delivery fees while having your meals delivered directly to your office by our on-site team

Flexibility and customization

Ability to order until the morning of to reduce waste and to allow employees to use their allowances individually for dietary or timing needs

Community impact

For every meal purchased, we donate one to someone in need. To date we’ve donated over 6 million meals.

You Eat We Donate

Every transaction on Sharebite results in the equivalent of a meal donation to combat food insecurity in local communities across the US. To date, Sharebite has donated over 5.6 million* meals.

*$1 helps provide at least 10 meals secured by Feeding America® on behalf of local partner food banks.